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Understand LED Indicators

There are different colours that can show on your Moasure LED indicator.
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Depending on the context, these can mean different things, both during measuring and when not measuring.

LED Indicators when measuring

Flashing Blue

The flashing Blue LED indicator displays when your Moasure device is turned on and is in a ‘Waiting to Measure’ state.
By default, Moasure automatically switches itself off after 60 seconds of inactivity. You can adjust the device's disconnection time by following these steps.


The Red LED indicator means that Moasure is in a 'Waiting to Capture' state. This means that your device should be set down and kept stationery for around one second. Once the device is stationary, a measurement point will be captured.
This 'Waiting to Capture' state is activated immediately after starting a new measurement from within the Moasure app. This means that Moasure is ready to capture its measurement start point.
You'll notice the Red LED indicator activated every time you set your device down throughout a measurement, indicating that Moasure is capturing a point.


A Green LED indicator indicates a ‘Success’ state. When the Green LED indicator is activated during a measurement, it means that a point has been captured – you can now continue measuring, or Finish the measurement if it's complete.

Flashing Green

A flashing Green LED indicator is activated when you begin moving Moasure. This means that your device is measuring it's own movement and recording data. The LED indicator will continue flashing

Flashing Yellow

Flashing yellow indicates that the module is in Bootloader mode for a firmware update. This is normal during the update process. If the flashing yellow persists after the update, it may indicate an issue.
To resolve this, try closing the app and attempting the firmware update again. If the problem persists, please contact our support team for assistance.

Flashing Red

LED Indicators when not measuring

1 x Red, 2 x Orange


When your Moasure device is fully charged, a static LED indicator will be displayed.