Seamlessly measure up with Moasure and build flooring estimate floorplans and layouts onsite, with MeasureSquare on iPhone or iPad.

For Artificial Turf

  • Measure up irregular outdoor spaces easily with Moasure.

  • Optimises cut plans to minimise roll waste.

  • Options to specify layout direction & seam locations.

  • Calculate required product quantities.

  • Create professional quotes & capture customer signatures onsite.

  • Spend less time measuring up and more time closing your customer.

For Flooring

  • Measure up a floorplan with Moasure.

  • Drag & drop flooring products to specific areas.

  • Calculate product quantity, layout direction, seam locations & waste optimisation.

  • Create professional quotes & capture customer signatures.

  • Create work orders with installation diagrams.

State of the Art Measuring Technology

  • Bid Professionally And Profitably Create professional bid packages and pricing options with protected profit.

  • Instant Waste Optimization Auto find minimum waste layouts & build cut sheets - instantly.

  • Field And Office Collaboration MeasureSquare's M2 Cloud enables office and showroom collaboration with field reps to serve customers faster.

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