Connect Your Moasure Device

Steps to connect your Moasure device to the Moasure app.

Please ensure that you are attempting to pair within the Moasure App. Moasure will not pair using your phone's Bluetooth settings.

  1. Open the Moasure app on your device to start the connection process.

    • For Apple/iOS devices, grant Bluetooth permissions.

    • For Android devices, grant Bluetooth and Location permissions (Location is used to calibrate the device).

  2. Tap the permission button in the app (e.g., ‘Turn on Bluetooth’) and then tap 'Allow'. After granting permissions, press 'Continue'.

  3. Connect your Moasure device to a power source using the USB cable and turn it on.

  4. The app will automatically search for your device via Bluetooth. Once detected, your device will be listed under 'Available Devices'.

  5. Tap on your device in the list to connect it to the Moasure app.

  6. Your Moasure device is now successfully connected to the app.

Ensuring Bluetooth Connectivity

To ensure seamless connection between your Moasure device and the Moasure app, follow these steps:

Enable Bluetooth: In your device settings, ensure Bluetooth is enabled. Disabling Bluetooth globally will prevent the Moasure app from connecting to your Moasure device.

Check App Permissions: If you encounter connection issues despite having Bluetooth enabled, verify Bluetooth permissions for the Moasure app. If Bluetooth permission is disabled for the Moasure app, it won't be able to connect to your device. Grant necessary permissions to resolve this issue.

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