Edit Background

The Edit Background tool enables you to add a background image to your measurement.

The Edit Background tool can be used to show clients or colleagues a visualisation of the measured project relative to a photographed area as the measurement would then lay over the background.

Add Background Image

To add a background to your measurement, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on Edit in the bottom navigation bar to open the Edit Toolbar.

  2. Tap on Edit Background.

  3. Tap on Add Image located in the footer at the bottom.

  4. An Image Picker will be shown that enables you to select an image from your phone to use as the background. Once you select an image, it will be uploaded to the app and used as your background.

Image Editing Tools

Once you have added an image to your background, you can edit the image. The following image editing tools are available:

  • Rotate (rotates the background image by +90° degrees). To rotate the image, tap on the rotate icon in the right upper toolbar.

  • Zoom (zooms the background image in/out). To zoom, pinch by moving your index finger and thumb up and down).

  • Drag (drags the background image from to the left or right). To drag, tap on the image with your index finger and move it to the left or right.

  • Crop (crops the background image). To crop, tap on the crop icon in the right upper toolbar. White edges appear; anything outside of those edges will be cropped.

  • Change Opacity (changes the opacity / transparency of the background image). To change opacity, tap on the opacity icon in the right upper toolbar and then slide the slider that appears to the desired opacity level.

  • Reset (resets all changes made to the image and measurement drawing, i.e. reverts all changes made since an image was uploaded to the background).

Switch to Measurement Drawing

By default the background image is selected, you can however also rotate, drag and zoom the measurement drawing. To do so, select the measurement drawing by tapping on the measurement icon in the right bottom. You can then rotate, drag and zoom the measurement drawing relative to the background image by using touch gestures. You can always switch back to the background image again to continue editing the background image.

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