Assemble & Use Moasure STICK

Assemble and learn how to use Moasure STICK

Your Moasure STICK consists of the following components:

  • A foam-lined housing for your Moasure device

  • An expandable universal smartphone holder

  • A universal rotating joint

  • An extendable pole

  • A tool bag

  1. Attach Foam-Lined Housing:

    • Use the provided screw knob to attach the foam-lined housing to the extendable pole.

    • Ensure the housings pointed edge faces upwards before tightening.

  1. Attach Universal Joint:

    • Attach the universal rotating joint to the top of the extendable pole.

  2. Connect Smartphone Holder:

    • Attach the universal smartphone holder to the universal joint.

    • Note its expandability for different phone sizes.

  1. Adjust Smartphone Holder Angle:

    • Loosen the adjustor screw knob on the universal joint by turning it counter-clockwise.

    • Pivot and adjust the smartphone holder angle as required.

    • Tighten the adjustor screw knob by turning clockwise to secure the holder.

  1. Insert Your Moasure Device:

    • When inserting your device into Moasure STICK's cushioned housing, avoid holding the STICK itself to prevent bending and stress on the flexible joint. Instead, turn the STICK upside down and hold the housing, ensuring the LED is visible when looking from above.

    • Ensure to align your Moasure device evenly within the housing during insertion.

Your Moasure STICK is now fully assembled and ready for use.

How To Use Moasure STICK

Before you begin measuring, we recommend informing the Moasure app that you are using Moasure STICK – this will enhance accuracy.

The reference point for your Moasure device is located at the bottom of the sharp corner. Once you've notified the Moasure app about using Moasure STICK, the reference point will be adjusted to the tip of the foam-lined housing.

Follow these steps to let the Moasure app know that you are using Moasure STICK:

  • Open Settings by tapping on the cog icon in the top-right corner

  • Tap on Measuring Options

  • Tap on Use Moasure STICK Attachment

  • Select Yes

Adjust STICK Height

To comfortably use the Moasure STICK, we recommend adjusting the height so that your hand is around waist height and your forearm is horizontal as you walk. Hold your Moasure STICK between your thumb and two fingers, maintaining a light grip.

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