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Measure Staircases

Learn how to measure interior and exterior staircases.
Follow these steps to measure a staircase: 1. You can start a closed shape measurement by tapping on '+' in the bottom centre of the app and choosing Closed Shape. A closed shape will provide you perimeter as well as square footage / square meters. 2. In the following screen, you can start measuring. At the bottom, you will see the available path types. By default, the path type it will measure in is 'Straight Line'. This means that the pause points (the points at which you place the device down) are connected by a straight line. You can leave it on Straight Line. 3. Choose a start point at the bottom of your stair case, for example at the left bottom of the stair case. Place your device stationary at that start point to record your first point. 4. Walk up the stairs and stick to the side you've chosen (e.g. if you started on the left, stick to the left) and place the device down every 6-8 seconds. There's no rush in getting to a specific point, you can pause as many times as you want / need. 5. Once at the top, pause to record that point and then move to the other side of the stair case (for example right) and place the device down to capture the furthest point on the other side of the stair case. 6. Walk down the stair case and do the same as in point 4 (stopping every 6-8 seconds by placing the device down stationary). 7. Once you reach the bottom, stop again. 8. Now walk to the other side to finish where you started so that the shape is closed. 9. Tap on the stop button at the bottom of the screen to complete your measurement. You will now see the full drawing of your measurement and you have captured the perimeter and square footage of the staircase. You will be able to tap on each point to inspect it and see the 3d coordinates (x, y and z). The z-coordinate is the elevation coordinate. You can switch to 3D to view the whole measurement in 3D by tapping on VIEW -> 3D. Read more about inspecting point coordinates and views.