Extrapolate Corner

The Extrapolate corner tool will intelligently extrapolate a corner for you based on the angles of the measurement segments. This is useful when you cannot get into a corner during measurement.

If you’re unable to access the corner of a room or a garden, you can use the ‘Extrapolate Corner’ tool after your measurement is complete and Moasure will do the job for you.

See an example below:

Let’s say we want to calculate the area and perimeter of a garden but we are unable to reach one of the corners as there is an obstacle on our way.

While measuring…

  1. Capture two points on each wall/line before and after the extrapolated corner to work.

Once the measurement is complete…

  1. Select the line you want to extrapolate to the corner;

  2. Tap on ‘Edit’ and then select ‘Extrapolate Corner’.

Result: this action will extrapolate the selected line to the corner.

To 'Undo' an extrapolated corner, select the new corner point and then use the 'Undo Extrapolate Corner' tool.

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