Auto Ignore

Auto Ignore is a tool that enables you to automatically remove unwanted points on a straight path.

As you set down your Moasure ONE device throughout a measurement at 6 to 8 second intervals, the Moasure app records a point – a data coordinate with X, Y and Z values.

The Auto Ignore tool enables you to "ignore" or disable points along the same plane. Once a point is ignored, the Path is connected between the points before and after the ignored point, giving you a single, straight line and its corresponding measurement.

To Auto Ignore points, follow these steps:

  1. On your measurement diagram, tap on the shape you'd like to edit

  2. Tap Edit in the bottom toolbar.

  3. Scroll along and tap Auto Ignore

To unignore a point, simply tap on the point and then tap Unignore in the Edit menu.

If you want to automatically ignore points for all measurements without following the steps above for each measurement, you can set Auto Ignore as a global setting. You can learn more about this in the Auto Ignore Setting guide.

If you want to manually remove points on a path, use the Ignore Tool instead.

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