Use the ignore tool to ignore points on a straight line.

The Ignore Tool enables you to ignore a point as if it was not captured. After a point is ignored, a line will be drawn between the point before and after it. This can be useful when you've captured a point because you had to stay within the 6-8 time limit or because you had to move around an obstacle.

Points that cannot be ignored

Not all points can be ignored. If a point cannot be ignored, it will be greyed out in the app and won't be tappable. The following are points that cannot be ignored:

  • A start point

  • A finish point

  • A point that has already been ignored (an ignore point)

Auto Ignore

Instead of ignoring each point manually, you can also use the Auto Ignore Tool. Auto Ignore automatically ignores points that are on the same line that connects the start and end point.

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