Measure a Yard or Garden

In this guide you will learn how to plan and measure gardens with Moasure.

For this guide, we're measuring a garden of approx. 12 by 8 meters. We can plan to stop every 6 meters which will be approximately 6 seconds. That way, we will stop approximately 16 times. Another part of planning is thinking about what Path Type(s) we will be using. If the garden is rectangular, we can use Straight Line. If our garden has curvatures however, we need to use Trace Line so we can capture the curved edges. If our garden has edges that are straight at some places and curved at others, we can use a combination of straight and trace lines. We can change the Path Type at the start of the measurement and after each pause point (the point at which we place the device down). Last but not least, we need to consider any objects that might be in our way, so that we can plan ahead on how to avoid them. If we use straight line, we can walk around an object and the curved move we make around the object will not be captured as Moasure will draw a straight line between the pause points. If we use trace line however, we would need to switch to Straight Line or Ignore Line to go around the obstacle as going around an obstacle in trace line will capture exactly how we've moved around it. Ignore Line however will not capture how we walk between the two pause points. This is useful if we want that part to be empty on the measurement drawing. Bear in mind however that ignored paths cannot be labelled. If you're interested in labelling where an object starts and ends, you might want to use Straight Line to capture the length of the object and then label where the object starts and ends. Learn more about Labeling in our Edit Label Guide.

We're going to use the Closed Shape Measurement Type as we will be starting and ending at the same point and because we're interested in getting the square footage of the garden. Square feet can only be seen when using the Closed Shape Measurement Type. There are no curvatures in the outline of the garden, so we used Straight Line for each Path. The result of the measurement can be found below.

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