Start & Finish a Measurement

To start a measurement, tap the + icon in the Moasure app.

Once you've chosen a Measurement Type, turn on your Moasure device so that the Moasure app can connect to your device.

With your Moasure device switched on, the Moasure app will instruct you to Place at start – place the device at the location where you want to begin measuring from. Keeping Moasure completely still will let the the device know that this is your measurement's start point.

Keeping your Moasure device completely still will let Moasure know that this is your measurement's start point.

Once you begin moving, Moasure starts measuring. Every time you place the device down and keep it still, a point will be captured – and a line will be drawn in the Moasure app, connecting this point with the previous point. We call these lines Paths.

With motion-measuring, the measurement error grows exponentially over time. To maximise measurement accuracy, you must pause every 6 to 8 seconds during a measurement. This means that to reduce error and maximise measurement accuracy, you should take your measurement as quickly as you can – even if that may seem counter-intuitive.

Once you've finished taking your measurement, tap the red stop icon in the bottom-centre of the Moasure app.

Your completed drawing will be displayed on the canvas where you can view it from different perspectives, inspect it, edit it and save it.

Clear Canvas

While there's currently no direct option to clear the canvas, starting a new measurement by tapping on the '+' icon or opening a saved measurement will automatically override the current measurement shown. It's important to note that new measurements or any edits made to existing ones are not saved automatically.

To ensure your changes are preserved, tap on 'File' and then choose 'Save'. Additionally, the app will prompt you to save your progress whenever it detects actions that could lead to potential data loss, such as starting a new measurement or opening another one.

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