Cut / Fill

In this guide you'll learn how to use the cut/fill tool which helps you calculate the volume of material to add or remove from a site using the Moasure app.

The Cut/Fill tool is available in app version 2.0 and upwards. If you are on an older app version, you will need to update the app to access this feature.

When to Use Cut/Fill

You can use the Cut/Fill Tool when you're involved in earthwork or construction projects that require leveling the terrain. This tool helps determine the amount of material to be excavated or added to achieve the desired results. Let's say a landscaper is working on a project to create a terraced garden on a sloping site. They may use cut and fill techniques to achieve this. In the case of the cut operation, the landscaper may excavate the higher areas of the slope to create a level platform for the garden terraces. Let's say they remove 100 cubic yards of soil during this process. Next, for the fill operation, they might bring in additional soil or fill material to raise the lower areas of the slope, filling in the spaces between the terraces. Let's say they add 100 cubic yards of fill material. In this scenario, the cut and fill values would be equal, resulting in a net volume of 0. This means that the amount of soil removed (cut) is balanced by the amount of soil added (fill). It helps create a level surface for the terraced garden while maintaining overall volume equilibrium. While achieving volume equilibrium and minimizing material costs are crucial considerations in cut/fill projects, they may not be the sole factors. We can imagine a scenario where a landscaper might aim for a terrace height significantly surpassing the current lowest point, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the garden landscape. This desire for an elevated yet level terrace introduces a scenario where the net volume is not necessarily zero; there could be a need for more fill material than cut material, depending on the depth of the lowest point. To address this, the cut/fill tool can be utilised to set a specific level, such as +2 meters. Using the Moasure app, the tool calculates the necessary material adjustments—cutting and filling—to achieve the desired terrace height while maintaining a level surface.

There's a recommended way to measure volume. Learn more in our Measure Volume Guide.

Calculate Cut/Fill Volumes To use the Cut/Fill tool for volume calculations, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and tap on Edit.

  2. Select Cut/Fill.

This will take you to the Cut/Fill Screen, where you'll find:

  • The cut volume.

  • The fill volume.

  • The net volume.

  • The level at which the cutting plane is positioned.

  • A slider that allows you to adjust the cutting plane to your desired level.

As you move the slider, you'll see the cut, fill, and net volumes change, and the level of the cutting plane adjusts accordingly. The volumes are calculated based on a vertical projection to the horizontal cutting plane.

Enter Custom Cutting Plane Value In addition to using the slider, you can input a custom value for the cutting plane level. To do this:

  1. Tap on the Edit icon next to the level value.

  2. Enter your desired value.

  3. Tap Update.

The level will shift to the inputted value, and the cut, fill, and net volume values will update accordingly.

Reset Values to 0 If you want to determine the level where the cut volume is 0, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the reset icon next to the cut value.

  2. This action will set the cut volume to 0, and it will adjust the fill, net, and level values. The cutting plane will visually move to the level where the cut volume equals 0.

You can perform a similar process for the fill volume and net volume by tapping on the reset icon. Setting the net volume to 0 helps you find the level where cut/fill values are equal, indicating the position for levelling the site whilst maintaining volume equilibrium.

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