Assemble Moasure STICK

Unboxing your Moasure device and Moasure STICK ready to assemble

  1. A foam-lined holder for the Moasure device where the foam softens any impact when placing down

  2. An expandable universal smartphone holder

  3. A universal joint which attaches to the top of the STICK

  4. A STICK tool bag to keep everything together when out and about

  5. The Moasure STICK which is an extendable pole to save you from bending down

Step 1

Attach the foam-lined holder to the extendable pole using the provided screw knob.

Before tightening the screw knob, ensure that the pointed edge of the holder is pointing upwards.

Step 2

Attach the universal joint to the top of the extendable pole.

Step 3

Attach the expandable universal smartphone holder to the universal joint.

Step 4

Loosen the adjustor screw knob by turning it counter clockwise. This allows you to pivot and adjust the angle of the universal smartphone holder. Once you have adjusted the holder to the desired angle, tighten the adjustor screw knob by turning it clockwise. This will secure the holder in place and prevent it from moving.

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